The American South Will Be The Worst Affected By Climate Change


The American South Will Be The Worst Affected By Climate Change

The American South Will Be The Worst Affected By Climate Change
The American South Will Be The Worst Affected By Climate Change – image via

The American South is, as some may say, a stronghold of climate change denial. This statement doesn’t reflect the truth, of course, but it does nevertheless seem to be the case. Whatever the case may be, it does seem like the American South is the most affected region of the entire country when it comes to climate change.

A new study performed by the Climate Impact Lab, which was made out of 25 economists and policy experts show us just that – that the American South is the most exposed to the negative effects that are happening in terms of a changing climate. What’s even worse is the fact that this region is also the poorer that most of the rest of the country, and these effects will only drive a wedge in the counties found here, thus transferring wealth from the Midwest and Southeast to wealthier regions around the coasts and to the Northeast.

Already warm states such as Florida Texas, Arizona, as well as the others in the Deep South region will suffer a loss in income potential when many jobs and other opportunities will migrate to cooler areas. Counties bordering the Gulf of Mexico already experience land loss due to rising sea levels. Alongside skyrocketing prices of energy during the summer months, increasingly struggling harvests, and public health crises due to prolonged and hard heatwaves, the American South can and will experience damages the equivalent of which would be a 20 percent tax.

This study was the most detailed yet, taking into account every single day of weather by each county in the US during the entire 21st century, in order to better simulate and predict future trends. It also takes into account multiple other microeconomic studies and models with accurate economic data, in order to provide the best picture for the future of the United States.

The actual effects will be even worse

Drought-wracked lake bed of O.C. Fisher Lake, in San Angelos, Texas. image via

The full effects of climate change on the American South and other regions presented in this study are not complete, however. There are several areas where there wasn’t enough quantifiable data to make an accurate prediction on.

For instance, the loss of biodiversity was not taken into consideration and neither were the potential events such as mass migration, civil unrest, severe droughts, major polar ice collapse or even military conflicts. The study also ends its predictions in 2099. The study also points out that the North, even though will see a boost in its economy, it will be short lived, especially if climate change will continue unchecked throughout the years to come.