Amazing Natural Russia

Beautiful winter in Russia. Photo by: Vladimir Chuprikov
Beautiful winter in Russia. Photo by: Vladimir Chuprikov – Amazing Natural Russia

Russia is an amazing place, at least when it comes to nature. It is also vast; it’s the largest country in the world. It also has some huge pristine places and wildernesses where no man has ever set foot on.

As the roof of Asia, Siberia has many landmarks which are covered by snow for a large part of the year. This beauty that natural Russia has to offer, we in turn give you just a few glimpses into what really is out there.

But given the fact that much of the world is more and more being transformed into something unrecognizable, it would be best if we could just leave this place as it is and simply admire the photos. Now, for the most of us, this will actually be true, but for those of you who really want to go there and experience nature and its incredible beauty, please just be mindful and respect her as she truly deserves.


Orda Cave is a world’s largest underwater cave found underneath the western Ural Mountains. Photo by: Viktor Lyagushkin – Natural Russia
Edge of the Murmansk land, located in the extreme northwest part of Russia. Photo by: Andrei Grachev
Extinct Vilyuchinsk volcano, Russia. Photo by: Andrei Grachev
Milky way over Northern Ural, Russia. Photo by: Sergey Makurin
Aerial view of Kamchatka river, Russia. Photo by: Igor Shpilenok – Natural Russia
Sunset through ice cave, Lake Baikal, Russia. Photo by: CoolBieRe
Frozen bubbles of Multinskiye Lake, Russia. Photoy by: Anton Petrus
Small church on a tiny island, Russia. Photo by: Michail V
Huge Mysterious Crater, Siberia. Photo by: Vladimir Pushkarev
Autumn In Karabash, one of the most polluted places on Earth. Photo by: Vadim Balakin
Lake Baikal surface crack. Photo by: Alexey Trofimov – Natural Russia