Amazing Miniature Fairytale Porcelain Creatures



These porcelain creatures below are like something from a fairy tale. Gorgeous, strange, and very, very small. Created by Ukrainian artists Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev, these tiny porcelain creatures measure anywhere from 4 cm to 40cm. Surprisingly, their creators are not trained to work with ceramics. One of the Ukrainians is a graphic artist, while the other is a painting teacher yet in ceramics they seem to have found their niche.

Looking at them, you immediately feel as if you are transported to another world where mythical creatures live. These creatures though small, look truly amazing and almost alive. If they were to move just a bit, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise given just how life-like they look. Well this is the case for some of them, but nevertheless, they bring out the truly inspiring power of imagination of these two Ukrainian artists to life. Check out their amazing work below.

As if covered by sea shells, some of these tiny creatures looked as if they just climbed out of the primordial soup. Please tell us which one of these amazing mythological creatures is your favorite and post it down in the comments.


porcelain-antlers porcelain-baby-owl porcelain-brush porcelain-bug porcelain-creature porcelain-creature-tail porcelain-fish porcelain-frog porcelain-mouse porcelain-owl porcelainspiky

porcelain-trio porcelain-trio-two porcelain-turtle porcelain-two-creatures porcelain-wings