Amacayacu National Park, Colombia – The Wild Part Of The Amazon



Roughly thirty percent of Colombia is the Amazonian jungle.  Out of this total area, 293,500 hectares are the Amacayacu National Park. Situated on the northern part of the River Amazon, right beside the Cothue River, the park makes up in large the wild part of the Amazon.

The upper part of the forest canopy measures between 30 to 50 meters in height and it is home to some 468 species of birds, 11 species of herons and 150 aquatic mammals. Among these water dwellers we can count the Amazonian manatee and the pink river dolphin. Reptiles however make up the large part of the park’s wildlife with four out of the country’s six species of crocodile living here.

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Freshwater fish are the main source of nourishment for the people living within this wild part of the Amazon. The entire Amazonian Trapezoid is inhabited by a total of 14 native tribes, two of which live inside the park. Palmeras on the Amazon River and San Martin de Amacayacu on the Amacayacu River.


The word “Amacayacu” means “River of the Hamocs” in the indigenous language of Quechua. Here we can also find the “axe breaker” tree “quebracho” with it’s huge winding roots rising from the ground and water, together with the strangler fig which gradually smothers to death these trees in order to use them for support.


In order to reach this wild part of the Amazon, you need to fly from Bogota to Leticia after which you need to take a 3 hour boat ride up the Amazon river. Once there, people can enjoy a multitude of nature activities like bird watching and hikes up and down the many rivers. You can also hop on to different islands in the region to see the many hundreds of monkeys or the Victoria Regia lotus flowers, as well as the famous river dolphins.  And as the name of the Amacayacu suggests, you’ll most likely be sleeping in a hammock for the duration of your stay.