Extremely Beautiful Portraits Celebrate African Immigration In Europe



Extremely Beautiful Portraits Celebrate African Immigration In Europe
Extremely Beautiful Portraits Celebrate African Immigration In Europe
Extremely Beautiful Portraits Celebrate African Immigration In Europe

These extremely beautiful portraits celebrate African immigration in Europe in one astonishing way. It places the entire immigration “problem” in a whole new different perspective and we should all start seeing immigration with a new set of eyes.

Photographer Dagmar van Weeghel got the inspiration to create this photo series about African immigration in Europe from her husband’s story, who came from Zimbabwe to Europe nine years ago.

She shoots portraits of people who moved to Europe from Africa and shows their inner and outer beauty in all their might and glory. The photographer feels that African influence in European cultures is highly overlooked and people should start looking at how immigrants shaped the Old Continent.

Extremely Beautiful Portraits Celebrate African Immigration In Europe


“Yesni was born in Ethiopia and later adopted by Dutch parents. She is 26 years old. Her name means ‘one in thousands’. Yesni is an activist, performer and creator. She loves fashion and music.”


“This is a portrait of Chaila. She is 23 years old. She moved from Equatorial Guinea to Europe all by herself five years ago. Her youth was very tough. Moving away to the west was a brave decision but she now is excited about her future. She studies and works as a mannequin in Belgium. She loves to cook, dance and sing and dreams of becoming famous.”


“This is a portrait of Muna. She is 18 years old and she was born in Somalia. She came to Europe 8 years ago together with her mother and sister. She now studies, loves fashion and going out with her friends.”


“This is a portrait of Ninho. He is 29 years old. He moved to Europe from Angola 10 years ago. His family is still in Angola. He works in the entertainment business in the Netherlands and loves music and sports.”


“This is a portrait of Adam, he is 38 years old, father of two. Adam moved to Europe from Zimbabwe eight years ago. All his family is still in Southern Africa. He works in corporate finance in the Netherlands. He loves music and travel.”

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“The portraits show dignity, strength and beauty with the aim to remind viewers of the important contributions which Africans have made in European history,” Dagmar van Weeghel wrote on BoredPanda.

“With the current surge of immigrants in the West,” she continues.

“By offering another perspective I hope to inspire people to learn more about our shared history, and ultimately I hope to change the way people see the world and each other. All the portrayed are wearing antique oriental pieces mixed with contemporary cloths which I’ve ‘sculptured’. The portrayed are shaped in a pyramid as well, referring to Ancient Egypt. Ongoing series, it’s who I meet.”

Still one of my favorites❤️’Paarl Mountains’ portrait of Roos, my sweet neighbour. She is now 12 years old. I shot this portrait of her in 2016 when she was just ten years old and I had just started photography again. The portrait is Inspired by the watercolor paitings of #georgefrenchangus of the Paarl Mountains in South Africa which I had visited. This painting can Also be seen on the fabric of the pillow next to her. ❤️Paarl means Pearl. From time to time I shoot a portrait of Roos. She seems to remind me of myself that age, also her character. ❤️ #growingolder #youth #reflection #portrait #mountains #paarl #pearl #pearlgirl #painter #southafrica #painting #playingwithlight #natural #naturalbeauty #felt #skin #tamaradegrootfelting #playingwithlight @profotoglobal #oldmasters #dagmarvanweeghel

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