Aerial Photography Like You’ve Never Seen Before


Aerial Photography Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Aerial Photography Like You've Never Seen Before
Aerial Photography Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Aerial photography has really taken on with the arrival of drones. But even before that, photos taken from a higher perspective were quite breathtaking – even though it was much harder to take them. Anyway, photographer Niaz Uddin became captivated with aerial photography when he realized that these sort of photos helped him stand out from the already-saturated style that’s found everywhere nowadays.

He also has a passion for flying, which is a sort of perfect match for him. Soon enough, he found himself hanging halfway out a helicopter in order to take the perfect photo. More recently, however, he’s taken to drone photography as well, thus giving him much more freedom and space for experimentation.

“Drones are really fascinating pieces of equipment that can do incredible things,” Uddin told My Modern Met via email. “Using Google Earth you can find incredible places and fly the drone directly to that location, resulting in stunning photos that no one has ever taken before. This technology really pushes the limit of the human imagination.”

Especially focused on colours, his vibrant aerial photography really pops out with the candy-like hues and nuances – giving them an almost surreal look and feel.

“I believe if we make life more colourful and exciting, we can inspire others to be better versions of themselves. My main goal is to inspire people with colour because their potential inspires me. I’m hoping my photography will help change the perspective of those that encounter it in a positive way.”

The LA-based photographer has already covered much of the West Coast – with his future plans being somewhere quite remote – somewhere like Antarctica, for instance.

“I have been deeply in love with Antarctica for some time now. My vision is to capture a team of ballet dancers dancing in the south pole using the drone. I think it would be extraordinary, and different than something anyone has ever done before.”

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