Adventurer Captures Astoundingly Beautiful Photos of Secluded Landscapes


Adventurer Captures Astoundingly Beautiful Photos of Secluded Landscapes


To nature enthusiast and self-proclaimed “lover of creative and adventurous things” Tobias Meyer, the sky is the limit.

Based in Switzerland—though seemingly always on the go—this 22-year-old travel photographer finds inspiration in the great outdoors. He documents his picturesque escapades on Instagram (under the pseudonym cosmokoala), where he shares everything from surreal sunsets to charming, secluded cabins and snowshoe hikes to helicopter rides. The result is a collage of beautifully-shot, wanderlust-inducing photos that read more as a stunning study of nature than as a social media account.

Unsurprisingly, Meyer thrives on spontaneity and risk, throwing caution to the wind and believing that “the harder it is to get to the subject, the more unique the photograph will ultimately be.”  This thrill-seeking mantra materializes in amazing shots of steep cliffs, sky-high bridges, and cute-but-too-close-for-comfort bears. To Meyer, these once-in-a-lifetime moments—and consequent captures—are what traveling is all about: “An adventure means not knowing what to expect next.” Talk about a happy camper!


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