A Wearable Tech Timeline (Infographic)

Brian Ho
Via socialmediatoday.com

Technology is always evolving. Even during the Dark Ages, technology was continuing to develop, granted at a far slower rate. In the Middle East for example, the Muslim world was at its height in development and so, they were the ones who discovered many things about the world.

Nevertheless, the moment the world began to change significantly was around 1750 in England, with the invention of the steam engine and the start of the Industrial Era. Before then, if you were to bring a person from ancient Rome and place him in 1700 England, besides the language, he knew pretty much everything that was going on. After the steam engine however, the world changed radically from what it previously looked like.

Now since the second half of the past century, tech has become more and more versatile and more accessible to the average person. Even more so was the need to make this new technology smaller, more compact and above all, portable. Below we’ll show you a timeline about wearable tech that many people around the world carry with them on a daily basis.


Don-Basile-WearableDon-Basile-Wear (1)