A Team of Architects In Vietnam Unveiled Plans For The Greenest University In the World



The Vo Trong Nghia Architects have unveiled their designs for a new FPT University campus building in Ho Chi Minh City. Characteristic to their stile, this is the second project the team has with the university.

Looking as if every floor and balcony is overrun by trees and canopy, this 22,500 square meter university campus would be like an oasis of cooler temperature and fresh air, in an otherwise concrete and polluted capital city of Vietnam.


The university building will take the shape of mountain range, rising and lowering, surrounding an inner valley which is the courtyard and making it the greenest university in the world. This design, besides being pretty and relaxing, helping students to learn better, also helps the university cut costs when it comes to air conditioning.


Being surrounded on a daily basis by nature will transform these young minds into seeing the world in a better light and helping us deal with the problems of pollution and global warming.



This greenest university is a definite step in the right direction, being an example for people, not only studying there, but also those in Vietnam and indeed the world, to show them how to be more responsible with the environment.