A Great Card Trick You Can Show To Your Friends, All Done With Simple Maths. (VIDEO)



When you thought that maths can’t be put in practice in any “meaningful” way, here is a brilliant card trick you can perform to you friends and watch them trying to figure out how you’ve done it. It has nothing to do with card counting and it will be an instant hit at parties or when you’re out with work colleagues.

The beauty of it is that it’s all done with mathematics and with the help of the guys at Numberphile we can show in a video how it’s done. Far better and easier to understand than trying to explain it in writing. A picture is worth a thousand words after all. Just imagine how much a video is worth then!


It would be perfect to have a pack of cards with you while you’re watching this clip so you can also do it along. We can tell you that with a bit of practice, you’ll be at the center of attention next time! You don’t need to be an ace at maths, but knowing some would help you learn it faster. Don’t worry though, it’s not really that hard, but just watch the video a couple of times if you don’t understand.