61-Year-Old Mother Tries Shrooms For The First Time


61-Year-Old Mother Tries Shrooms For The First Time. The day after the experience, the mother of two felt like she had shed “a lot of lies about her life.”

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Did you know? While a large percent of first-world citizens are wary of hallucinogenic substances, Johns Hopkins University has been testing the effect of psilocybin in the context of a cognitive behavioral therapy treatment program.

The most noted trial, which took place in 2014, resulted in 80% of long-term smokers remaining abstinent from the habit for six months after taking “magic mushrooms.” That rate of success is unheard of. While the results shocked conservative thinkers, it opened doors for other studies to follow.

Last September, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published findings showing that active hallucinogenic agents such as LSD, psilocybin, and MDMA (the active ingredient in Ecstasy) may help treat health issues such as PTSD, addiction, depression, and anxiety associated with terminal illness.

Some doctors even think hallucinogenic substances will create a “paradigm shift” in the mental health industry. Intrigued by the notion that substances – like psilocybin – may help individuals make big shifts in their lives, the relatively new YouTube channel PsychedSubstances recruited a 61-year-old woman to try shrooms for the first time. Not coincidentally, that woman was the YouTuber’s mom.

In the video (above), the experimenter describes herself as having “kind of a closed mind,” therefore, she tries only a small amount of magic mushrooms ‘just to be safe.’

From 1:35 to 5:50, she seems to really be enjoying herself. Afterward, she does seem a bit tired. It’s the next day, however, when the son calls checks in with his mother, it is relayed that that she feels like she has shed “a lot of lies about her life.” 

Psychedelic substances inspire one to look deeply within themselves (what the 61-year-old mum of two describes as the “inner world”) and face the darkness, so it can be acknowledged as a lie and be released.

By doing so, it’s not uncommon for addictions to spontaneously remedy themselves. Certainly, there is much to learn about the human experience, the universe, and role psychedelic substances are meant to play.