60 Around the World Vintage, Travel Posters from Between the 1920’s and 40’s


60 Around the World Vintage, Travel Posters from Between the 1920’s and 40’s


The turn of the last century had seen a large increase in international travel. The railway system in the United States and Europe opened them to the general public. Luxury ocean liners opened the seas for travelers, while automobiles made the world smaller than ever before. Even air travel really took on during this time, especially with the 1940’s.

The interwar period saw a boom in all that meant traveling. And these travels war partly inspired by very eye-catching posters, designed to capture much of the beauty of its intended destination. From exotic destinations to places closer to home, these travel posters promoted a world of enticing destinations and new modes of transportation. Individual artists gained fame for their distinctive graphic styles and iconic imagery, and many posters from this era still remain important works of art long after their original advertising purposes have faded.

Poster advertising or proposing a travel destination, or simply artistically articulating a place have been made. An example is the Beach Town Posters series, a collection of Art Deco travel posters of American beach resorts that refer to the advertising style of the 1920’s and 1930’s, all the way into the 40’s.vintage-travel-poster-1 vintage-travel-poster-2 vintage-travel-poster-3 vintage-travel-poster-4 vintage-travel-poster-5 vintage-travel-poster-6 vintage-travel-poster-7 vintage-travel-poster-8 vintage-travel-poster-9 vintage-travel-poster-10 vintage-travel-poster-11 vintage-travel-poster-12 vintage-travel-poster-13 vintage-travel-poster-14 vintage-travel-poster-15 vintage-travel-poster-16 vintage-travel-poster-17 vintage-travel-poster-18 vintage-travel-poster-19 vintage-travel-poster-20 vintage-travel-poster-21 vintage-travel-poster-22 vintage-travel-poster-23 vintage-travel-poster-24 vintage-travel-poster-25 vintage-travel-poster-26 vintage-travel-poster-27 vintage-travel-poster-28 vintage-travel-poster-29 vintage-travel-poster-30 vintage-travel-poster-31 vintage-travel-poster-32 vintage-travel-poster-33 vintage-travel-poster-34 vintage-travel-poster-35 vintage-travel-poster-36 vintage-travel-poster-37 vintage-travel-poster-38 vintage-travel-poster-39 vintage-travel-poster-40 vintage-travel-poster-41 vintage-travel-poster-42 vintage-travel-poster-43 vintage-travel-poster-44 vintage-travel-poster-45 vintage-travel-poster-46 vintage-travel-poster-47 vintage-travel-poster-48 vintage-travel-poster-49 vintage-travel-poster-50 vintage-travel-poster-51 vintage-travel-poster-52 vintage-travel-poster-53 vintage-travel-poster-54 vintage-travel-poster-55 vintage-travel-poster-56 vintage-travel-poster-57 vintage-travel-poster-58 vintage-travel-poster-59 vintage-travel-poster-60