Artist Turned 50 Buildings In Cairo Into Giant Illegal Mural


Artist Turned 50 Buildings In Cairo Into Giant Illegal Mural

Artist Turned 50 Buildings In Cairo Into Giant Illegal Mural
Artist Turned 50 Buildings In Cairo Into Giant Illegal Mural

An artist turned 50 buildings in Cairo into giant illegal mural without the government noticing. Tunisian-French artist eL See managed to create a stunning piece of Arabic ‘calligraffiti’, as he calls it, amid Egypt‘s capital brick buildings.

This stunning piece of art, splattered on 50 buildings, was created without the authorities’ approval and Egypt is very harsh when it comes to street art and street artists. The mural designed by eL Seed reads “If one wants to see the light of the sun, he must wipe his eyes.”

eL Seed wants to send out a message of peace and union. He is against judging people based on their circumstances and he created this mural inspired by the community that lives here. The work of art took 3 weeks to complete and it was done in total secrecy, against Egypt‘s laws who forbid artistic expression.

Artist Turned 50 Buildings In Cairo Into Giant Illegal Mural
Artist Turned 50 Buildings In Cairo Into Giant Illegal Mural


“I sent a WhatsApp message to my friend saying we should do this crazy thing,” eL Seed told Tech Insider. The artist along with 20 other people started working in Manshiyat Naser, a slum just outside downtown Cairo. He didn’t want to contact the authorities in order to protect the community.

“We got the blessing of the priest,” he says. “He gave us permission and everyone in the neighborhood knew about it.” eL Seed worked around the clock to cover all 50 buildings.

el-seed-says-he-didnt-contact-the-egyptian-government-before-starting-the-project-in-order-to-protect-the-community-where-hed-be-working el-seed-says-he-first-hatched-the-idea-for-the-mural-on-april-2-of-last-year-i-sent-a-whatsapp-message-to-my-friend-saying-we-should-do-this-crazy-thing-he-tells-tech-insider every-time-we-go-to-a-new-building-we-dont-know-what-to-expect-he-says-you-reach-for-one-ledge-and-someone-offers-you-some-tea-and-food-its-always-a-positive-attitude-and-thats-what-we-tried-to-absorb

“We were trying to appreciate the moment,” he added. “Every time we go to a new building, we don’t know what to expect. You reach for one ledge and someone offers you some tea and food. It’s always a positive attitude, and that’s what we tried to absorb.”

that-often-meant-working-in-close-quarters-which-werent-always-ideal--el-seed-says-he-frequently-had-to-step-over-pigs-and-stomach-foul-smells-during-the-project the-crews-worked-around-the-clock-to-assemble-each-piece-on-the-50-buildings-arriving-early-in-the-morning-and-leaving-around-8-pm they-changed-my-perception-he-says-of-the-people-in-the-community-we-should-still-have-humility-and-this-is-what-brings-us-together we-got-the-blessing-of-the-priest-he-says-he-gave-us-permission-and-everyone-in-the-neighborhood-knew-about-it we-were-trying-to-appreciate-the-moment-he-says-pointing-to-the-fact-they-were-just-visitors-in-this-world-while-those-in-the-buildings-had-to-live-there-full-time

The artist admits that a part of the mural was not perfectly painted, but he also mentions that the idea was not to create a perfect piece of art. “For me,” eL Seed says, “it’s just a piece of art that captures a moment. It’s the story behind it that I think is more interesting.”

el-seed-is-planning-to-return-in-a-couple-months-for-the-release-of-a-book-on-the-project-and-an-accompanying-documentary-his-team-is-filming even-though-the-final-view-seems-to-stretch-out-to-the-horizon-for-me-el-seed-says-its-just-a-piece-of-art-that-captures-a-moment-its-the-story-behind-it-that-i-think-is-more-interesting now-fully-finished-the-piece-will-stay-for-as-long-as-the-community-allows-if-a-new-building-obscures-the-final-piece-so-be-it-el-seed-says

The Perception Mural From Cairo, Egypt


“They changed my perception,” said eL Seed about the people in the community. “We should still have humility, and this is what brings us together.