5-Year-Old Boy Donates All His Birthday Money to Help Dog Become K – 9 Officer (VIDEO)


This 5-year-old boy donated all his birthday money to help dog become K – 9 officer and little Tristan Summerfeld is also planning on becoming a police officer himself when he grows up.

Tristan Summerfeld, a 5-year-old boy, donated all his birthday money, around $1,500 received from donations, in order to help Boscoe, an abandoned dog, become a certified K – 9 officer.

The local police station was very grateful for this donation and with the total sum of $30,000 raised for training abandoned dogs to become specialized K – 9, policemen are very confident that they will solve more cases from now on.

K-9 Officer
5-Year-Old Boy Donates All His Birthday Money to Help Dog Become K – 9 Officer (VIDEO)

Police dogs can detect drugs, they can find missing persons and in some cases, they can even detect bombs. It’s truly inspiring to see how much a 5-year-old cares about the world, and it gives us real hope for the future.

Faith in humanity is restored once again, thanks to little Tristan Summerfeld. We would love to hear about more and more stories like this, because that would mean that we would already be living in a better place.

People should learn to live in perfect harmony with animals because they would instantly notice the advantages of having a pet. It’s someone who offers you unconditional love, no matter what you do, no matter what you say.

An animal is someone who loves you for who you are. It loves you for being you and it will never leave you hangin’ if you need some help. Kids understand this. Unfortunately, when we grow up, we start being focused on so many other things that we forget about our natural bond with animals. If we were to show animals at least half of the love they show us everyday, the world would be a much better place.