5 Best Beaches For Your Romantic Weekend In Tenerife


We are going to show you the most beautiful beaches of Tenerife! You will see photos, get to know where to find the best beaches and how to get there.

El Bollullo Beach

Best Beaches Tenerife
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Behind the endless banana plantations there is a plain cliff, where the enchanting El Bollullo hides. A mysterious and hard-to-reach corner of the north of Tenerife, El Bollullo, is the favorite place of those who love wild Tenerife and romance, especially with these cuties.

You will follow a dizzy narrow road with a terrible downhill starting at the Rincon village. Two cars will hardly pass there, so be careful and look around. The cool thing is that in the end of a creepy route, you will see the magnificent El Ballullo! Leave the car in the parking lot and go down to the ocean by foot.

El Bollullo beach has few people, green cliffs over the Atlantic Ocean and the timeless blue. People play with huge waves and have fun. Black volcanic sand, rocks, and waves are beautiful and charming. Just keep in mind that the ocean may be deadly dangerous!

Beach El Socorro

Best Beaches Tenerife
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The Socorro beach is located in the municipality of Los Realejos. It is popular among the residents of Puerto de la Cruz and La Laguna. The length of the beach is 500 meters, and the width is 100 meters, so there is enough space for everyone. Socorro is famous for its beautiful and clean oceanic waves, black volcanic sand and gorgeous rocks.

There is a promenade along the beach and a parking space. They also have fine infrastructure and a cafe with a beautiful view of the cliffs.

The Socorro is well known and very popular among Canarian surfers. In winter, you are likely to catch a huge wave. For this reason, lifeguards hang out a red flag, which means that you cannot swim.

Beach near Los Gigantes

Best Beaches Tenerife
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Huge rocks and wonderful sunsets! Los Gigantes is a good place for swimming and sunbathing, but its major benefit is a charming view. The huge rocks will hang over you like living giants. Enjoy small human sizes and think about something eternal. The rocks are about 800 meters high! The sand is black and has volcanic origin.

Beach in El Medano 

Best Beaches Tenerife
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The lagoon is located near the Montana Roja, not far from Tenerife south beach​ and southern resorts. The El Medano beach is the best place for windsurfing and kite surfing in Tenerife.

A part of the beach is called Leocadio Machado, and is located between the Playa Sur and Medano Tenerife beach hotels. It is divided into two zones: one is for relaxing, bathing and sunbathing, and the other one is for water sports.

El Medano has a rescue service, showers, kite schools and windsurfing stations, restaurants and cafes, as well as a long wooden promenade. It’s tasty and inexpensive to have a snack in Flashpoint cafe.

The beach in El Medano is one of the longest in Tenerife. Its part is protected by the state as a nature reserve. The route includes a beautiful coast, blue ocean, salty air and surfers. If you have enough energy, then go to the top of the Red Mountain. It offers a spectacular view of El Medano and La Tejita beach, and a beautiful sunset!

We recommend taking some thick clothes, as winds are frequent guests there. Take a flashlight if you want to meet the sunset on the top, so you can get back safely.

Playa Almaciga

Best Beaches Tenerife
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Playa Almaciga is a wild Tenerife beach​​ with black sand. It is easy to get there by car. However, you should keep in mind parking space is small and in summer it is constantly crammed. There are no lifeguards and facilities, but the view compensates everything.

The waves and currents here are very strong, be careful!


Now you know all about the best beaches of Tenerife. Take the map and go explore the island. And if you do not want to lose time, we recommend taking a tour. The guide will not only take you on the best routes and secret places, but also tell interesting stories about life in Tenerife. You will also get to know how to pick hotels in Tenerife near beach. Besides, they may help you a lot if you have any questions about weddings in Tenerife on a beach, as they are highly popular there.