40 Facts Which Will Make You Seem Smarter

Via ringdna.com
Via ringdna.com

Thanks to the internet, we today live in a world filled with facts about anything. That’s why we’ve comprised a list of 40 facts which will make you seem smarter to friends and family. But nevertheless, people nowadays have a much larger understanding about the world than anytime in the past. Now, even though these pieces of information come mostly in on line facts, this doesn’t deter the fact that people know a lot more than they used to.

Even small pieces of knowledge like these go a long way in our collective understanding about everything that surrounds us. All throughout history, humanity has taken huge leaps in development every time a new method of communication came into being. First of all was speech, which put us far ahead of any other animal out there.

Then came writing which allowed us to keep a record about what has happened and help future generations. Then came paper which allowed for the invention of books. These in turn were far easier to transport and spread throughout the world. Later came the printing press, which made it possible for a large number of books to come into being. Then the telephone, the radio, TV, and now the internet, which helps us be more connected than ever. We don’t even know yet just how important this “invention” is in the grand scheme of things. That’s because we’re living history but just don’t know it.

Nevertheless, these small facts here are an intricate part of us bettering ourselves, and are just a glimpse of what the internet can offer. A sort of starters for knowledge if you will. Now, even if not everything out there is true, this doesn’t stop or hinder what’s happening because of the internet in the slightest. Anyway, here are 40 facts which will make you seem smarter, if nothing else.


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