30 Photos of Mesmerizing Eyes Around The Globe



The eyes are truly the windows to one’s soul. Coming in different shapes, sizes and colors, these mesmerizing eyes can tell stories in just a glimpse, more than any written story can. The french photographer Réhahn is one of the most skilled when it comes to capture the emotion of these moments

Rehahn appeals to our intuition and imagination and manages to touch our sensibility. We should stop on each image to read the thoughts of the subject photographed through his or her eyes.These amazing photos will make us realize just how similar we are, even if we look so different from one another.

Mesmerizing Eyes


An Phuoc, 7 years old

mesmerizing eyes
mesmerizing eyes

From the Minority Cham (Vietnam)
Her great grandfather was french

Arzu, 10 years old

mesmerizing eyes
mesmerizing eyes

Arzu does magic tricks in the streets of Jaipur

Met in Varanasi (India)

mesmerizing eyes
mesmerizing eyes

103-Year-Old Lady From The Rengao Ethnic Group (Vietnam)

A Sadhu Of Rajasthan

Elder woman From Varanasi

Sung, 4 Years Old

Elder Lady Hmong With Purple Dye On Her Hands

Little Boy From The Minority Ta Oi (Vietnam)

Sadhu Of Varanasi

Happy Man Met In The Streets Of La Habana

In Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)

Elder Woman From Co Tu Ethnic Group (Vietnam)

Elder Woman From Pa Ko Ethnic Group Of Vietnam

Elder Man From Hre Ethnic Group (Vietnam)

Eyes Of Cuba

Bui Thi Xong, 78 years old

Little Girl Bajau, Met In An Island Near Borneo

Little Girl Met On The Road In North Of Vietnam

Little Hmong Girl (Vietnam)

101-Year-Old Woman From Co Tu Ethnic group

Eyes of Morocco, Casablanca

In Jaipur (Rajasthan – India)

Young Boy Of Varanasi (India)

Elder Hmong Woman Of Sapa (Vietnam)

Little Girl Hmong

Elder Woman Co Tu

Eyes Of Jaipur

Elder Woman Met In Hoi An (Vietnam)

Cuban Smoking A Cohiba