24 Amazing Retro Inspired Kitchen Designs


Modern kitchen designs are quite mundane with monotonic colors, plain colors which are usually very neutral and clear cut sharp edges. As a complete contrast half a century old kitchen designs had a vibrant joyful quality to it.

Today we bring that quality back to our kitchen with retro inspired design. What make the retro kitchen designs are the popping bright colors (dominant red, blue and green, or pastel colors), checkered floors, wallpapers, rounded corners and a lot of detail. You can call this design style anything but boring.


The explosion of colors across the full “retro palette” with a little detail in the kitchen cupboards add so much life without going overboard. The exposed brick wall is a nice touch too.


Pastel green and popping red and yellow dishware set the retro mood, while rounded furniture and kitchen stove corners bring it together.


Checkered floor, an awesome retro design fridge, bright teal colors and wallpapers take you 60 years back.


This mix of modern and retro style is rather intriguing. We have soft pastel and dominant black colors, rounded edges and art deco chandelier. And unlikely combination that works wonderfully.


Retro inspired by fridge design in pink pastel, checkered floor and glossy brick backsplash.


Pink is very feminine and this retro design is very luxurious with glossy furniture, crystal chandeliers, china wall decor, and yet we don’t lose the checkered floor.


Introducing bright patterns with the curtains which let the explosion of red and pastel green possible in this retro kitchen.


Industrial meets retro with exposed concrete walls and the variety of color, while keeping modern kitchen furniture but making an accent with a retro style fridge.


Lovely play of pastel colors and retro style appliances in this small kitchen.


Rounded corners and pastel colors go a long way to add mood to the kitchen.


Vintage cabinets in pastel green, big gorgeous retro fridge, patterned wall tiles make this little kitchen very exciting.


Kitchen corner from the 60s with popping colorful leather furniture.

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