22 Lucid Dream-Like Optical Illusions


22 Lucid Dream-Like Optical Illusions


Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves has designed some truly interesting images that border between lucid dreaming and optical illusions.  Everyone loves a good trick of the eye… but these paintings seem to be sprung straight from lucid dreams. Maybe it’s their surreal nature. Or maybe it’s the mockery of perspective. Gonsalves has spent decades perfecting his art, aiming to spark the imagination and jolt our expectations of reality at once. Check out the surprising results in these 22 visionary paintings. They’re great lucid dream fodder.

Floating down the river, only to end up in space is something that I personally want to do once in my life, but unfortunately things usually don’t work that way. Nevertheless, these images help us broaden our imagination and show us exactly how interesting and how much you can do within the medium of animation. Even the fact that these images are paintings of sorts and not digitally made, adds to the flare of the dream state; a sort of how we see the world when we dream.


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