1920s’ ‘Sex’ Was One Of The First US Adult Magazines


1920s’ ‘Sex’ Was One Of The First US Adult Magazines

1920s' 'Sex' Was One Of The First US Adult Magazines
1920s’ ‘Sex’ Was One Of The First US Adult Magazines. 1920s’ ‘Sex’ Was One Of The First US Adult Magazines

Adult magazines came a long way since the 1920s when ‘Sex’ was not only a taboo subject, it was also the forbidden delight of many people back then. Today, not even Playboy has nude women starring in its magazines anymore, so you could say that ‘Sex’ was even racier than most of our current adult-oriented magazines.

‘Sex’ was a monthly adult magazine published in the US in the mid 1920s. Besides ‘shocking’ (back then) nude photos of men and women, the magazine also took on some very sensible topics that today would be considered sexist: “Are all beautiful chorus girls dumb?” or “The reason gentlemen prefer blondes”.











‘Sex’ magazine only cost a quarter in 1926 and 1927 so you can imagine the huge impact it had on the population. Not to mention that the magazine’s name sells by itself.


Out of this series of pictures published on Dangerous Minds, 2 of the models presented here were a really big deal in the 1920s. One of them was Orville Stamm aka “Boy Hercules” and “Strongest Boy in the World”. He reached stardom in 1917, at the age of seventeen, when was able to hold a stand-up piano and its player on his stomach. Talk about a real open-air performance!

The other big name on the list is Vaudeville actress Gladys Philbin. She was one of the stars of the “Earl Carroll Vanities”, a pioneer in the use of nude female actresses in Broadway plays and productions.

We would love to see more vintage collections of sex magazines because this is truly a mirror of our society, one decade at a time. Be sure to check out Plexus Magazine as well. It’s a real vintage treat!