This 1911 Ad Teaches You How to Kiss a Girl


1911 Ad Teaches You How to Kiss a Girl

1911 Ad Teaches You How to Kiss a Girl
1911 Ad Teaches You How to Kiss a Girl

This 1911 ad teaches you how to kiss a girl, and although this may sound weird now, back then this was considered a priceless piece of information you could not obtain from anywhere else.

This ‘kissing a girl the right way’ tutorial came with a stick of gum. The tips offered in this small guide to ‘being romantic’ are pretty optimistic when giving out lessons and the main advice here is to take the girl by surprise. Apparently, this will increase your chances, but be sure that the signals you have read were the right ones before implementing these steps shown in the ad.


The full transcript of this beautiful vintage ad:

Do You Know How to Kiss a Girl? Then learn!

Stand facing her.

Do not tell her your intentions.

Do not ask permission to kiss her.

Look dreamily into her eyes.

You may hold her right hand in your right hand, if you wish.

It is well to sigh a couple of times about this stage of the game.

Whisper softly that her rosebud lips remind you of cupid’s bow.

She will probably drop her eyes and blush when you say that.

Place the fingers of your left hand under her chin and tilt back her head slightly.

Draw her gently towards you.

Do not hurry.

Gaze deeply at the love-lights which slumber in her eyes.

Sigh once more.

Incline your head towards hers until your lips — BUT WAIT! Do not kiss her until you know that she uses Listerated Pepsin Gum, the only antiseptic gum in the world, the only chewing gum that makes it safe to kiss.

If she is a Listerated Pepsin Gum girl, kiss her.