19 Climbers Suspended Themselves in Hammocks Over a 600-Foot Canyon


19 Climbers Suspended Themselves in Hammocks Over a 262-Foot Canyon


As part of the Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival, some 19 climbers extended a cord all across the 262-foot gap and 600-foot drop at the Tijesno Canyon in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Provided with 17 hammocks by the organizers from Ticket to the Moon, these brave individuals suspended themselves over the lush green canyon below, letting their hair be blown in the wind. While up there, they contemplated the beauty of the pristine outdoors, read some books, and overall enjoyed themselves for the whole 4 hours they were up there.

Photographer Sebastian Wahlhütter captured the amazing experience and the joyful atmosphere of the 19 climbers, and their 16-foot, rainbow hammocks, designed by Igor Scotland especially for this event. The aim was to bring some more light to the sport of rock climbing, as well as highlighting the stunning natural beauty of the country. in fact, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a long history of rock climbing, but it has been overshadowed by the Yugoslav War in the past. While the extreme sport itself has gathered some momentum over the past years, rock climbing still remains a largely underground phenomenon in the country.

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