17 Photos That Prove Dogs Don’t Care Whether You’re Rich or Poor



Dogs are without a doubt, man’s best friend. They don’t care whether you’re rich or poor, or your status within your society; they love you equally as much regardless. Us people should really take an example and just try to be as loyal as our furry friends are. We generally tend to think about ourselves as being quite evolved and far better at pretty much everything than our animal companions here back on Earth.

But if we are to look at the current state of the world, we can quickly come to the conclusion than maybe this is not completely true. Well yeah, we’re better at building stuff and modifying the world around us to better suit our own needs, but by doing so, we destroy the very thing that keeps us alive. Dogs on the other hand are far simpler in their leaving their mark on the world; well maybe their scent, but other than that, they only have love to offer to their human companions.

Here are some examples of such dogs which don’t care whether you’re rich or poor and will love you regardless. Okay, so this is just a bunch of photos of homeless people and their dogs. Can you see the beauty and the love between the man and animal?

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