The 16 Greatest Teachers In The World


The 16 Greatest Teachers In The World

The 16 Greatest Teachers In The World
The 16 Greatest Teachers In The World

The 16 greatest teachers in the world is a photo series compiled by BrightSide in order to show the beauty of educating young minds in innovative and unconventional ways. We can honestly say that whenever we see a teacher going the extra mile just to make the learning process more efficient and interactive, we feel like we should give them an entire apple basket as a ‘thank you!’.

We all had at least one teacher in school that managed to make us like his subject just because of the way he was presenting it. It’s this type of teachers that change the way young students think by stimulating their curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

The 16 Greatest Teachers In The World
The 16 Greatest Teachers In The World

This student showed up to class with her baby because she couldn’t afford a babysitter throughout the lecture. Her baby started crying and the teacher took him in his arms and calmed him down. Now that’s what we call going the extra mile!


By listening carefully, most of these students could pass. Maybe…


Leaning against formal student-teachers relationships. All in the effort of making herself understood.


What better class to dress up for if not history class?


Physics at its finest. Logic at its funniest.


This is how every art teacher should start a class. A different drawing every day could make students come to class with more enthusiasm.


Against the odds, a math teacher will find a way to draw a perfect triangle.


“My teacher said if everyone in our class got excellent grades on our test, he would dress up as Scooby Doo and bring non-alcoholic champagne for us. We all tried very hard, and our teacher kept his word.”


Photobombing sleeping students is this teacher’s thing.


This teacher found an abandoned kitten near her school and she brought it to class.


Pluto is dead.


This is how a true mathematics teacher celebrates International Pi Day.


And that’s how a physics experiment should be conducted.


A wonderful teacher lets all her students express their creativity on her dress on the last day of school.


Dear students, there’s something you should know…