15 Things You Should Know About Breasts



Here are 15 things you should know about breasts. Breasts have always been a topic of conversation for both men and women. They have been drawing men’s attention for centuries, maybe even since the dawn of civilization and they aren’t going away. In fact they are getting larger and larger with every coming decade.

They are so important for a lot of people, that many women around the world who feel self doubt and inadequacy when it comes to ever larger breast size, resort to risky surgical operation in order to enhance their cup size.

This of course is not something new in human culture. People in many civilizations around the world, even as old as ancient times, were subjecting their bodies to painful and sometimes fatal body alterations in order to look sexier in their partners eyes.


In Medieval Japan for example, women would compress and squeeze their feet in order to make them look tiny. Incas on the other hand would strap a plank of wood between their eyes in order to become cross-eyed and the Afar people in Ethiopia, even today, file their teeth to make them look sharp, for the exact same reason.

Now, below we have an infographic about 15 things you should know about breasts. We hope you enjoy it and you learn something new about our favorite topic of conversation, staring and fantasizing.