15 Magnificent Table Designs For Your Home


15 Magnificent Table Designs For Your Home


A table is the most important part of furniture for any home, either if it is an apartment, office or any other building, a table plays an important role in its interior. We usually use many kinds of tables according to our purpose like working table, dining table, dressing table, study table etc. Modern designers do some experiments with these table designs and create some awesome and most attractive tables which create an unique royalty to our home interior.

Each house has at least one table in it and it’s a piece of furniture that ties a whole room together. A table is the place where people come together and socialize. Every dinner party needs a table, right? Anyway, we hope you enjoy these table designs and maybe they’ll help you to add a bit of spark to your home.

1. The table-log

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Source: www.johnhoushmand.com

2. Sparkling table

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Source: www.demilked.com

3. Picnic Table

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Source: haikocornelissen.com

4. Table swing


Source: duffylondon.com

5. A Ghost


Source: www.essey.com

6. Lake

10 11

Source: www.davidgillgallery.com

7. Glass River

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Source: gregklassen.com

8. Wood and aluminum

14 15

Source: www.hillashamia.com

Table 9. Recycled Jet Engine

16 17

Source: www.motoart.com

10. Bleu Nature

18 19 20

Source: www.bleunature.com

11. Amethyst


Source: shop.lawrencestoller.com

12. Petrified wood


Source: www.touchstonegalleries.com

13. Leaf


Source: imgur.com

14. Moon


Source: www.lianayar.com

15. Boiling table


Source: www.lianayar.com