14 Ingenious Ways To Reuse Old Junk



In today’s world, once an object has served its purpose once, it is discarded without a second thought. This is the nature of our overly materialistic and mercantile nature in which we live our lives. The rapid use of material things leaves the world with a lot of old junk just stockpiling in landfills, or even worse, in nature.

Here’s a great way to make use of some of these objects, which society has deemed them no longer useful, and bring new life into them. So, get those old tires, keys, and coffee cans out of your garage and your drawers. It’s time to put them to good use.


Before: Used Tire Rims Landfills are full of steel rims available for cheap.


After: Fire Pit Place the rim on its side and you’ve got an instant fire pit. Surround it with bricks to protect hands and feet from hot steel.


Before: Orphaned Keys Old keys can pile up quickly in drawers and lead to confusion.


After: Wall Hooks Add a bend to your old keys into a U-shape and you’ve got the perfect wall hook.


Before: Random Pipe Fittings An old pile of rusted pipe ends and fittings destined for the junk pile.


After: Steampunk Chess Set With a bit of rust remover, you can make these pipes shine once again and can transform them into a cool looking chess set.


Before: Glass Bowls These vintage glass bowls are pretty, but always hidden away in cabinets.


After: Succulent Planters Bring new life into your unused bowls by transforming them into plant-holder, perfectly placed on your window sill.


Before: Entertainment Center Abandoned entertainment centers are available at thrift stores across the country.


After: Play Kitchen With a little paint and a few pieces of hardware, you can transform that sad entertainment center into a fun play kitchen for kids.


Before: Filing Cabinet Steel office filing cabinets often last longer than the businesses they support.


After: Rolling Kitchen Cart Add some fresh paint, casters, a butcher block top, and some hardware, and you’ve got the perfect kitchen cart or island.


Before: Old Door Doors are a dime a dozen on Craigslist. Look for wood doors with great character and panels.


After: Sliding Pantry Door Convert your door into a sliding screen that reveals a hidden pantry.


Before: Wire Waste Basket A typical wire wastebasket doesn’t seem very inspiring.


After: Modern Side Table Turn it upside-down, add some paint and a stained wood top, and you’ve got a modern side table.



Before: Plastic Coffee Containers Plastic containers can always be recycled, but why not upcycle them into something that will make your life easier?


After: Hardware Storage Bins Attach your plastic coffee canisters to a wood backing and you’ve got easy-to-reach storage for nuts, bolts, and anything else small enough to fit.


Before: Used Tires There are hundreds of uses for old tires. Here’s just one of them.


After: See Saw Cut an old tire in half and place a long enough blank on top of it.


Before: Cheese Grater Cheese graters wear out and get rusty, but that doesn’t have to be the end of their useful lives.


After: Pendant Lights Repurpose old cheese graters into pendant lights. The rustier the better.


Before: Pallets Pallets aren’t your normal household item, but there are a lot of old ones lying around, and they can be found and reused in numerous and creative ways.


After: Cooler Stand There are many uses for pallets, so why not turn one into something fun, like this cooler stand?


Before: Old Wrenches You can pickup old wrenches at any yard sale and put them to good use beyond their original purpose. Or maybe you’re thinking about replacing your old tools with a new set and need something to do with them.


After: Wind Chimes Make your own wind chime by tying a few wrenches together


Before: Rake This rake has seen better days, but there’s still a good use for it.


After: Utensils Holder Secure an old steel rake on the wall and use the tongs to hang kitchen utensils.