12 DIY Pallet Ideas To Inspire Your Next Project


What can people do with pallets? They’re good for transport, in order to store tings on them while they’re in transit or in the warehouse. But, believe it or not, these seemingly inconspicuous objects can have a multitude of other uses. They can be made to look good around the house, while also keeping their practical applications. Here are 12 DIY pallet ideas to inspire your next project.


Make A DIY Bed Table


This would be perfect for those lazy days when you don’t want to get out of bed, but you still want to get a little work done (or watch eat breakfast in bed)!

Create A Unique And Fun Way To Display Your Kids’ Books


Paint your pallets in bright color to match your playroom decor

Crate A Keepall Area Where You Can Hang Coats, Purses, And Such


I love this, it’s a great way to keep your entryway or mud closet organized

Need A Cool Idea For A Roomdivider? Try This One


I love this pallet vanity, they really made it look chic

DIY Pallet Flooring


I love these floors, they’re gorgeous! Want to make them for yourself? Check out the tutorial

The Hideaway Trash Can – DIY Pallet Ideas


I love this idea, it hides away anything you don’t want to be seen by guests. And the best part is that it looks like a piece of furniture

Make A Display For Your Pictures And Books


This is a great way to add a rustic touch

This is so creative, wall decor and storage


Aww it looks like a little village, look at how creative you can get with pallets. The sky is really the limit

Need A Place For Your Garden Tools?


Create A Little Mood Lighting


Love this light fixture, it’s so creative and rustic

Make A Hanging Bed


Make sure you find a reliable tutorial, you don’t want your bed to be a safety hazard

Make A Pallet Accent Wall


I love the richness of the color, gorgeous