100 Years Of Women’s Sexy Lingerie Evolution In 3 Minutes



By watching 100 years of evolution for women’s sexy lingerie, starting from 1915 until 2015, you’ll realize that no matter the decade, women’s lingerie was always hot and sexy.

Although it may seem like men were used to seeing women’s sexy lingerie very frequently, this wasn’t the case back in the day, where most men saw sexy lingerie only when visiting brothels or by picking up prostitutes from the streets.

We know, it seems harsh, but those were the cruel realities all the way up until the 60’s, when women fought for independence and they began to ask for equal rights and responsibilities as any other man.

Women’s sexy lingerie can be considered a piece of art, defining each decade in particular and revealing a little bit of how society was before the end of World War II. We have to admit it, we love it!

Each piece of women’s sexy lingerie has its own unique story, and we can only imagine how fortunate men used to feel over a century ago when they got a glimpse of these well crafted undergarments.

We’re simply crazy about fashion, art, history & traditions, and nothing combines these subjects better than lingerie, telling us a timeless story of the years that have past.

P.S. Yes, there is a video in this article, you just have to scroll down throughout the decades to get a better hint of what type of lingerie used to be worn by women a century ago.

1915’s  Demurely Natural


1925’s  Feminine Appeal


1935’s  Seductive Siren


As you may have noticed, things are starting to pick up a little bit. Lingerie and the fashion industry are constantly adapting to each decade’s reality and society.

1945’s  Shapely Silhouette


1955’s  Frilly and Flirty


1965’s Rebellious Vixen


1975’s Long, Lean Dancing Queen


1985’s  Fit and Leggy


1995’s  Sporty and Sultry


2005’s  Glam and Girlish


2015’s  You Name It!


Which decade is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments.