100 Years of Beauty: A Very Emotional Video About a Young Couple Being Aged Decades at a Time

100 Years of Beauty

This very sweet and emotional video called “100 Years of Beauty” was made by the new YouTube Chanel “Field Day” and shows a young, 20 something couple, soon to be married,  how they will look like in their 50s, 70s and 90s. This was done with the help of make-up and prosthetics.

Of course life hasn’t yet put its tole on them, but you can see the love in their eyes when they see each other getting older and older. You can imagine what a couple which is preparing to start their life together must fell when they’re put in a situation where they see their significant other age 20 years in a couple of hours.

It’s as if you can see in the future and travel a century in time to see life going backwards. The 100 Years of Beauty tries to instill in us a sense of calmness and security in the sense that, even if physical attractiveness fades with time, the allure and grace of a person remains exactly where it is. Even more so, it grows as the years go by.

In the end we have to remember to not be sad of time passing and the inevitability of what’s to come since without it, life wouldn’t be nearly as interesting and experiences nearly as important to us as they are now.

 100 Years of Beauty is a short video that will most certainly put a tear in your eye!