100 Years of American Fashion and Make-up Shown a Decade at a Time (VIDEO)

fashion and make-up
fashion and make-up

This short clip beautifully shows the evolution and change of the American fashion and make-up styles throughout the last century, all comprised in 2 minutes.  Done by Mode Glam, this video represents exactly how the style of dressing, make-up and showing off in public changes with each passing decade, better representing the people who live in it.

The American fashion and make-up industries have changed with the times as well, becoming billion dollar industries in their own right. As time went on women changed the way they dressed and became more and more diverse, trying to be more individual and to stand out from the crowd.

As the decades went on, so did the complexity of their make-up which today look almost nothing like it used to in the 1920’s. Nevertheless, when looking at how American fashion and make-up change in such a short amount of time, we realize at how the world was changing. It’s as if we were looking through a time machine, speeding through the ages.