100-Year-Old Life Hacks We Still Use Today


100-year-old life hacks we still use today 

100-Year-Old Life Hacks We Still Use Today
100-Year-Old Life Hacks We Still Use Today

These 24 100-year-old life hacks we still use today are a piece of history, a piece of art. It’s hard to imagine that something that was used 100 years ago is still in use today, but if the method works, why change it?

The early 1900’s were a time of perpetual change, where people from all over the world started migrating around the globe and brought with them methods, habits and traditions from their native lands.

This led to amazing discoveries and, of course, to some incredibly ingenious lifehacks, some of them still being used to this day! These 24 100-year-old life hacks came with very detailed instructions on how to help the everyday man get around in the ever changing society of the early 20th century.

Cigarette manufacturers started inserting ‘stiffening cards’ in their cigarette packs in order to prevent cigarettes from tearing up and to make them last longer.

The UK-based Gallaher Cigarettes company had the game-changing idea to introduce some useful information on those cards and thus the ‘How to do it’ series was born. Stiffening cards all over started publishing a series of 100 life hacks, explaining how to do a large variety of day-to-day things.

The stiffening cards came with pictures and instructions on how to solve different problems, and even after 100 years since those instructions were written, they can still be used today.

24 100-year-old life hacks we still use today

1. How to pull long nails


2. How to kill a tree stump

3. How to make a simple gate latch

4. How to make corks fit

5. How to make a fire extinguisher

6. How to make a water fountain for chicks

7. How to adjust a door

7 7b

8. How to cool wine without ice

9. How to clean an oil painting

10. How to extract a splinter

11. How to treat squeaky boots

12. How to remove a tight ring from the finger

12 12b

13. How to clean bottles

13 13b

14. How to measure with coins

15. How to draw a circle without compasses

16. How to keep a paint brush handle clean

16 16b

17. How to pick up broken glass

17 17b

18. How to separate glass tumblers

18 18b

19. How to light a match in the wind

20. How to tell the points of the compass with a watch

21. How to revive cut flowers

22. How to judge the freshness of a lobster

22 22b

23. Three useful knots

23 23b

24. How to stop a runaway horse

24 24b