10 Vinegar Lifehacks You Need To Know


Vinegar is said to be a miracle item which can be put to great utilization in any condition around your family. Be that as it may, what precisely would it be able to do to facilitate your day by day exercises and life at home?

This next feature will demonstrate to you precisely what it can do. Watch every circumstance and replicate the proposed arrangement at whatever point you need to unclog a channel, evacuate wrinkles out of attire or dispose of odors.

The rundown of circumstances where vinegar may demonstrate helpful is long and incorporates uprooting cement deposit or notwithstanding making blooms last more! Take our recommendation and watch the next pages for some awesome hacks as it will spare you a considerable measure of time on numerous tasks around the house.

10. Removing Baked On Gunk In A Frying Pan

pan-cleanPour a cup or two of vinegar (depending on the size of your pan) and the same amount of water, put your pan on the stove and boil the mixture for five minutes and your cookware will be all cleaned up.


9. Perfectly cleaning your glasses

glasses-cleaned-with-vinegarSpray your glasses or sunglasses with vinegar, and wipe them with a soft cloth, this will make them look like new.


8. Make Flowers Last Longer

flower pot stuffPour some apple cider vinegar in your vase, along with water, and this combination will extend the life of your beautiful flowers.


7. Prevent Pet Scratches On Furniture Or Other Items

spray anti scratchPut a small amount of vinegar in a spray bottle and spray your sofa or other pieces of furniture that your cat might confuse for a scratching post.


6. Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothing

tshirhangerwrinkleAdd to a spray bottle 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Put the wrinkled clothing on a hanger and use the spray bottle to mist the clothing, after drying the wrinkles will have flattened out.


5. Fruit Fly Trap

flytrapPour some apple cider vinegar in a cup, cover it with saran wrap, and poke a few holes in it. The vinegar will attract the flies and they will enter the trap.


4. DIY Cleaning Products

vinegar-cleanerFill 1/3 of a spray bottle with vinegar, the rest with water and a few drops of dish soap, and you have a DIY Cleaning product great for all-round cleaning.


3. Getting Rid Of Awful Smells

stinkDoes your trash smell like something crawled in it, made a poop and died? You can get rid of any smell by pouring vinegar on a piece of bread, and put it in the garbage can, let it sit overnight. Next day remove the bread and the stench will be gone.


2. Removing Adhesive Residue

adhesiveIf you removed some tape or another adhesive based sticker and it left a stain, just spray some white vinegar on it, let it sit a few seconds and wipe it.


1. Unclogging A Drain

drainPour 1/2 cup of baking soda into the drain, and afterwards a cup of vinegar. It will start foaming, and after the foaming ends, wash it up with hot water.

 The complete video of these 10 vinegar lifehacks you need to know can be seen below: