10 Unsolved Mysterious Murders in Cities Named After Saints




10 unsolved mysterious murders in cities named after saints is definitely a gruesome thing to imagine, but unfortunately, we live in a time and age where these things happen. The modern day society as we know it is filled with important news, events and discoveries in all domains, but unfortunately not everything we hear about is good or destined for a better life for all the people on Earth.

Based on poverty, corruption and lack of education, many countries in the world experience unpleasant events on a regular basis. Murders, robberies, terrorists attack and even wars are still problems that appear in poor regions and cities, and some of these actions have severe consequences on innocent people, without the perpetrators ever being caught.

According to Business Insider the most violent cities in the world are in South America, and given the continent’s history, this comes as no surprise. The most violent city in the world is San Pedro Sula, from Honduras, that has a rate of 187.14 homicides per 100.000 residents.

The crimes that take place daily in these cities cause terror among its inhabitants and a Top 10 based on unsolved mysterious murders that took place in cities named after saints will open your eyes to the true horrors of the world we live in.


10. St. Louis, United States of America


On March 11, 2015, Marcus Johnson, a 6-year-old boy was killed in the northern part of Saint Louis, near the intersection of West Florissant and Vera.

Marcus Johnson was with his family inside their minivan, near O’Fallon Park when all of the sudden, a black SUV pulled up next to their car and started shooting directly towards them. Marcus’ father tried to defend his family be shooting back at the attackers, but unfortunately, they managed to escape.


The shooting continued for several blocks and during this time Marcus’ 15-year-old brother got shot in the ankle and a 69 year-old man was also shot in the knee.

Nobody knows what may have caused the attackers to start shooting and police representatives have started an investigation but without having any leads. The family remains in a state of shock, not being able to deal with the idea that 6-year-old Marcus little is dead.

9. Sankt Petersburg, Russian Federation


Sankt Petersburg is Russia’s second largest and most important city, after the country capital, Moscow. Although beautiful in every way, considering the amazing landscape and history of the city, Sankt Petersburg is not a very safe city.

Russia is one of the countries with very conservative regimes and when it comes to tolerance for something out of the ordinary, like a different religion or a different sexual orientation, the people from Sankt Petersburg are not shy in showing their disapproval.

On September 7, 2014, Ekaterina Khomenko, age 29, was found dead in her car that was parked on the streets of Sankt Petersburg, with the engine and headlights still running. A street cleaner found her while he was working his shift and immediately called the police.


Ekaterina Khomenko was a tango instructor for same-sex couples and police have filed her death under premeditated murder, according to the Russian Criminal Code, after analyzing the 9 cm long incised wound found on the victim’s throat.

The LGBT community in Russia immediately took a stand after the death of Khomenko and sent their condolences: “We are shocked by the terrible murder of Ekaterina Khomenko, queer tango teacher in St. Petersburg. Ekaterina was a wonderful person, a great professional, daughter and friend. She was only 29. We express our condolences to the family and friends of Ekaterina. We will remember her and what she had done – bestowed joy and wings to many of us”.

8. San Salvador, El Salvador


Situated in Central America, neighboring Guatemala in the North-West and Honduras in the North-East, El Salvador is one of the poorest and dangerous countries in the world, having a crime rate exceeding the global average.

San Salvador is the capital of the El Salvador and has a total population of 5.118.599 people and in 2014 it was listed by the UN Office on Drugs And Crime as number 9 in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world.

Oscar Romero was a priest born in 1917 in El Salvador and he made his life goal to decrease the number of crimes in his native countries. He was a conservative spiritual leader, and gained many followers that established his position as a top influencer in the country’s affairs.


Romero was found dead on October 24, 1980, at a hospital chapel in San Salvador. He was shot while conducting the religious ceremony, just a few days after urging the citizens of El Salvador that it was their Christian right and duty to fight against the government’s violation of human rights.

Considering El Salvador’s corrupt government, Oscar Romero realized that he became a strong opposing voice and he even made statement about his future possible assassination: “You can tell the people that if they succeed in killing me, that I forgive and bless those who do it.”

7. San Francisco, United States of America


San Francisco is without a doubt one of the most popular and beautiful cities in America, and even in the entire world, and although the city is experiencing an economical boom generated by the IT sector, it is still a dangerous place to live in. With prices going up, San Francisco is now the 4th most expensive city in the United States and some people can hardly afford to live here anymore.

Although it is not a place know for its crime scene, certain events like recent murders have shocked the city’s inhabitants. A case remained unsolved is the mysterious murder of a dental student found dead in his apartment.


Randhir Kaur, age 37, was found dead at her place situated in the 1000 block of Kains Avenue at around 4 PM, where a relative that came to visit discovered her lying on the floor. Police have catalogued the murder as a homicide that resulted after a single gunshot wound, but no other explanations have been made while the authorities are still waiting for the results of the autopsy.

Dental officials made a statement to express their sorrow for the loss of Randhir Kaur, declaring that she will be “deeply missed”: “She was a treasured member of our community, and our hearts go out to her family and friends at this very difficult time”.

6. San Jose, United States of America


San Jose witnessed a lot of crimes throughout the last decades but one that stands out from all the rest is the mysterious murder of Cathy Zimmer, on March 18th, 1989.

Cathy Zimmer was a 38-year-old mother attending business classes at the San Jose State University from California. One day, after dropping her kids at school she had an optometry appointment scheduled where she never showed up.


Zimmer didn’t show up at home as well that evening and she was found dead two days later in her 1986 blue Chrysler New Yorker, which was parked at the San Jose Airport. She was found strangled with her body fully clothed and without any traces of sexual assault, as the Santa Clara Deputy D.A., Ted Kajani reported.

The strangest thing that caught the detectives’ attention in this unsolved mysterious murder was that Cathy Zimmer’s body was wrapped in a homemade multi-colored quilt, that none of the family members have ever seen before.

5. Santiago, Chile


 Chile’s capital ranks amongst the most dangerous cities in the world and when it comes to “no-go” zones and neighborhoods; Santiago definitely has a lot of places to avoid, especially if you are tourist.

On September 11, 1973, General Augusto Pinochet’s coup against the leftist president Salvador Allende took place and this liberating event divided the people of Chile in two sides that have remained at war until this day.


This event in frequently referred to as Chile’s 9/11 because of the massacre that took place on that historical day. More than 3.000 people were killed or disappeared without trace in mysterious way and the relatives of the victims have not forgotten what happened to their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and other family members that were murdered and tortured by the leftist regime.

Each year, protesters and rioters clash with police and military forces on September 11, to show that they haven’t forgotten their lost relatives. “We are the children of those you couldn’t killed” is one of the messages written on the walls of Santiago to indicate that people want justice, even after more than 40 years since the tragic event.

4. San Antonio, United States of America


San Antonio is the 7th most populous city in the United States of America and it is also the 2nd most populous city in the state of Texas, making the town and its inhabitants a place of maximum economical importance for the entire country.

Given the fact that no big city comes without bad parts, San Antonio makes no exception in this case and has a pretty dense history of unsolved murders, some of them happening even 30 or 40 years ago.

Heidi Seeman, an 11-year-old girl from San Antonio’s Northeast side, was abducted on August 4, 1990, while walking home from a friend’s house. Her decomposed remains were found 21 days later in Hays County, with no clues leading to the murderer.


Another unsolved crime took place the following year, on November 28, 1991, when 26-year-old Connie Fulton was discovered stabbed to death in the school yard of Douglas Elementary School. The case remains unsolved to this day.

The case of 15-year-old Carlos DeLaCruz, from 1993, is yet another unsolved mysterious murder that happened on the streets of San Antonio when a two-door car stopped and a gunman randomly shot the boy while he was walking with his sister and some friends.

The San Antonio Police Department is still looking for any information about these murders, although the chances of ever solving them are pretty weak.

3. São Paulo, Brazil


São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and one of the world’s biggest metropolises, which make this Brazilian town one of the most dangerous places on Earth.

Between 1999 and 2011, the city’s murder rate dropped by almost three-quarters, and the authorities considered this as a good sign that thinks are looking up and the once feared city of São Paulo will now be a safe place for tourists and for its inhabitants.

Unfortunately, the violence rate is rising again now and crimes are becoming a day-to-day thing once again, especially in the city’s most dangerous “favela”.


On November 11, 2012, São Paulo was witness to a more than typical violent night, when in São Bernardo do Campo neighborhood a motorcyclist rode up to somebody’s house and killed two of the residents.

The same night, the police found a dead man killed with a shot through the head, being just one of the 14 murders and 12 injuries that took place in that night. These crimes rarely have a trace of suspects because witnesses are afraid to confess in court, receiving constant threats from criminals that know where they live and could kill them at any moment.

2. Saint Albans, Australia


The quiet little suburban town of Saint Albans is almost never witness to events that scare or cause concern for the city’s inhabitants and this is why on March 7, 2014, the entire community was shocked when a dead baby was found under a tree.

Nobody expected for such an unwanted event to happen in their small town, especially so close to the city’s primary school. The St. Albans Police Department arrested an 18-year-old woman found at the site of the murder but they have released her after several hours of questioning.


Detectives have no other lead on this case and the murder of the newborn baby still remains a mystery for the entire community. Notes urging people to contact the police with any information or clues they may have were posted all over the town but no one showed up with anything that could help detectives investigate the murder further.

1. San Diego, United States of America


San Diego prides itself with being one of California’s most important cities, fact given by its population and economical growth, based on the city’s beautiful beaches that attract thousands of tourists every year.

Although San Diego is a very beautiful coast city, close to the United States’ border with Mexico, it is also one of the large cities with a high rate of unsolved murders.

On March 20, 2007, Damon Green, a 38-year-old man and two unidentified males were talking outside of Rolberto’s Taco Shop in San Diego. Shortly after, at 2.30 AM, Damon Green was shot dead at Donuts Plus, without any trace of the two main suspects. Police have classified this case as homicide but have not been able to find anything about possible suspects since the night of the murder.


The case of Angela Kleinsorge, an 82-year-old woman, is another unsolved mysterious murder that policemen from the San Diego Police Department have to deal with, without having any leads and no suspects in mind.

Angela Kleinsorge was found dead in her home on February 28, 1992. Her daughter came to check up on her when she found the old woman with multiple stab wounds that caused her death, as police reports confirm.

She was also sexually assaulted before being stabbed to death and detectives believe that the attacker may have entered Angela Kleinsorge’s house through an opened window. No suspects were ever charged and the police are offering a $1.000 reward to anybody that can help with information in solving the case of Angela Kleinsorge’s death.