10 Photos Taken Just Before Disaster Struck


10 Photos Taken Just Before Disaster Struck

In today’s world, with almost everyone owning a smartphone, it is relatively easy to say that a lot of moments are being photographed by a person or another. We currently live is a society that has photographed so much that even the very moments before disaster struck are caught on tape, either on film or in the form of photos. When looking at most of these photos, it really looks like the people taking them had actually no idea about what was going to happen. And this is something to make us think about just how fragile life is.

Now, with that being said, here are 10 such photos just before disaster struck.


Gary Slok, with his mother Petra right before taking off on Malaysian Airlines flight MH17
Girl takes a Snapchat of her boyfriend with a gun before he shoots her in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Gabriela Hernandez posted this picture on Facebook before committing suicide in 2013.
Dave Hally took a picture of his wife and daughter before going for their dream vacation aboard Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.
This photo was posted on Facebook by Canadian soldier Robert Gilbin with the description “Happiness is,” before stabbing his pregnant wife, throwing her off the balcony and jumping to his death.
The crew of the Challenger on their way to board ill-fated shuttle in 1986.
After the perfect Instagram shot, Andrey Retrovsky fell to his death
This is the actress Sharon Tate in her backyard in LA in 1969. That evening she was slaughtered by members of Charles Manson’s crime family.
The Japanese exchange student, Ayano Tokumasu who is standing tall behind this couple’s photo, moments before losing her footing and being swept over Niagara Falls.
Gilles Leclerc moments before the Paris shootings with his girlfriend.

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