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10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries

3. The 2003 Chinese Sex Scandal

10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries
10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries


On September 18, 2003 a Chinese businessman checked-in at the International Conference Centre Hotel in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. After a couple of hours of resting Mr. Zhou Guang Chuan decided to leave his room only to stumble upon around 400 Japanese men and more than 500 Chinese prostitutes, all having sex with each other throughout 3 floors of the hotel. According to his descriptions and those of some security personnel, people were “playing” in every room, some with doors wide open, and even in the hotel’s bathrooms.

Outraged Mr. Zhou called the police, but to no avail since they failed to take any action. He then resorted to contacting the media who took on the story and made it international. This sparked a nationwide incident. The date marked the 72nd anniversary of the Japanese army’s invasion of China in 1931. Japanese officials had to offer a formal apology to the Chinese following the event.

Even if prostitution is illegal in China, the city of Zhuhai is close to Hong Kong and Macau and a popular destination for tourists visiting Southern China, making the local authorities look the other way on many occasions. But because of the timing and the sheer amount of people involved, this could not go unnoticed.

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