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10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries

6. Aleister Crowley

10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries
10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries


Known in the 1920s and 30s as the “Beast 666”, Aleister Crowley was the son of a wealthy brewer from England. Born in 1875, he was also famous for being an accomplished writer, poet, painter, magician, chess expert and mountaineer. His infamy came about because of his pleasure-seeking lifestyle revolving around drugs and orgies.

After consulting the Chinese Yijing oracle, he moved to Sicily with his two US mistresses, near the town of Cefalu. His plan was to eventually replace the Christian faith with his own views and “Do what you will” philosophies. He established the Thelema Abbey. Men joining or visiting his abbey had to shave their heads while the women needed to be either blonde or redheads. If they weren’t they had to dye their hair. These women also had to have a tattoo on one of their breasts.

Because of all the strange rituals, animal sacrifices and constant orgies taking place at the Abbey, the people of Cefalu alerted the authorities. In 1923 Crowley was expelled from the country by Mussolini himself. He later died in an English boarding house in 1947. Nevertheless, his notoriety outlived him and was a reference for some very famous pop bands and artists like the Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Mick Jagger, Iron Maiden and Marilyn Manson.

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