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10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries

9.The Etruscans

10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries
10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries


According to the Greeks and Romans, the Etruscans were some of the most libertine people of that era. Greek historian Theopompus of the 4th century AD writes about the Etruscan women as being equal to men. They could walk boldly down the street alongside their husbands. They would take care of their bodies and sometimes even exercise in the nude. He goes on describing Etruscan social gatherings and morals:

“when they are at a gathering of friends, this is what they do: first of all, when they have finished drinking and are ready for bed and while the torches are still lighted, the servants bring in sometimes courtesans, sometimes handsome boys and sometimes their own wives.”

What most appalled Theopompus was the fact that the Etruscans were a sort of swingers, sleeping with each other’s wives. Not even caring whether their children were theirs own or not. Frescos from the tombs of the Bulls, the Bigas and the Floggings, all in Tarquinia depict all sorts of sexual acts (some homosexual) leading us to believe that the Greeks and Romans were right. But because the Etruscan language was lost, archeologists believe the images discovered were more symbolic than anything else. Also the Greeks, the Romans and the Etruscans were all rivals, fighting over the Italian Peninsula.

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