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10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries

10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries
10 Famous Orgies Throughout The Centuries

These are the 10 famous orgies throughout the centuries that managed to book themselves a place in the history books. Regardless of gender, nationality, religion, culture, job or beliefs, people have always been drawn by the allure of sex. This is of course because we’re driven by the bodily need to reproduce. Even if we tend to think about the people of old as being more decent and chaste than those living today, we would be totally mistaken. That’s because they were delving with famous orgies for some time.

It is true that many cultures and religions around the world have classified the physical act of making love as a sin. This was especially with the rise of Christianity and Islam, but it hasn’t stopped people from practicing it. They probably had the adverse effect since something that is forbidden, often times is more appealing. Famous orgies have been around for a long time.

Sexual orgies have been a part of human civilization at least as early as recorded history will allow us to see. It shows that not even religious or state restrictions had the power to stop them. Here are some of the most indulgent “social gatherings” we know about.

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