10 Fake Viral Photos That Circulate On The Internet

fake viral photos
fake viral photos

Every now and again we are put face to face with a photo so unbelievable it has to be true. Giant or strange animals, racist comic books, what have you. And these fake viral photos become so notorious on the web that everybody knows them and takes them as being legit, even if they aren’t.

Now, here are 10 fake viral photos you will most definitely see somewhere on the internet at some point. Just remember that they were made by someone, altered in some way, or are a totally different thing altogether.


10. Solar Eclipse from the International Space Station

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Many people believe that this photo was taken from the ISS (International Space Station) during a solar eclipse. Well, this is not so. We can clearly see the Milky Way in the background there, just across the planet’s horizon and below the eclipse itself. This is not how it would look from up there.

In fact this image is a rendering from DeviantArt user A4size-ska. Beautiful, but totally fake.

9. Two women wearing shorts cause a car accident in 1937

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According to Twitter accounts like HistoricalPics, the image above, which is proven to be in Toronto and taken in 1937, is a scene were these two girls in shorts walk by and guys just stop dead in their tracks and stare at them. The guy in the car even had an accident, by hitting that light pole.

Nevertheless, by looking for a couple of seconds at the vintage photo, one can clearly see that the whole thing is staged. The car doesn’t have a single dent on it, all of the other guys were standing in the street, just at the right angle to be captured in the frame and a photographer was there at that exact time to capture the whole thing.

It is true that girls wearing shorts at that time was something new and fairly uncommon, but they were around.

8. JFK and Marilyn Monroe kissing and hugging in the window

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Just to be clear on any others you may ever see on the internet. There are no known photographs of JFK and Marilyn Monroe in tender, romantic embraces of any kind. The photos above were taken by Alison Jackson, an artist well known for using lookalike models for photo-fakes of everyone from the Queen of England on the toilet to Bill Gates using Apple products.

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7. Steven Seagal giving bunny ears to Vladimir Putin

fake viral photos (3)While Steven Seagal actually hangs out with Putin and are acquaintances, he didn’t give him bunny ears. Despite getting to the front page of Reddit — an internet website that men’s rights activists keep telling me is the “front page of the internet” itself — this is a poorly done Photoshop job.

6. A CCTV Camera outside George Orwell’s house

fake viral photos (8)Even though this image is fake and there isn’t a CCTV camera just in front of George Orwell’s house, London is full of them and might as well be one there.

Like the other image on the right, with Karl Marx’s house, where a T-Shirt of Che Guevara is hanging out (which is also fake) are the work of Steve Ullathorne who has an entire series like this. They indeed make fun of how the world turned out as contrary to what these men had in mind. Karl Marx’s social views turned into a capitalist world with socialist characters and Orwell’s 1984 distopian world, where everyone is controlled by the government.

5. John Lennon playing the guitar with Che Guevara

fake viral photos (13)This event never took place. Can you imagine John Lennon once siting down with, the equally legendary and celebrity, Che Guevara and just playing some tunes on their guitars. Well, the idea is not so far fetched but unfortunately it never happened.

The photo is a photoshop job in which someone plastered Che’s face on top of the body of guitarist Wayne “Tex” Gabriel. Below, the actual photo of Lennon and Gabriel.

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 4. Nazi Candy

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Even if the Nazis used to outdo themselves when it came to product placement, or better yet, swastika placement. This image isn’t from that era.

It is quite possible that candy was produced with the Nazi swastika, but this one in particular is an image from the 1983 movie Eine Liebe In Deutschland (A Love in Germany).

3. Captain America selling War Bonds

fake viral photos (11)Captain America first appeared in 1941, so for him to sell war bonds and help the war effort isn’t as far fetched as it might seem.

The poster above however isn’t real. Besides the obvious style which is different from that of the 1940’s, the ScorpioSteele.com logo right next to Captain America’s boot is a dead giveaway.

The poster on the right however is authentic and was used for this exact purpose during WWII.

2. The Selfie Pilot

fake viral photos (4)Now, for most of us, this photo was clearly a fake for obvious reasons, but many took it as real and spread like wild fire through the internet.

On the right there, we have the original photo with the clouds and everything. If we take a closer look at the plane itself we can see written, just below the pilot, the word “Perspective” which leads us to believe that the creator of this photo clearly meant it as a joke and not to be taken seriously.

1. Giant Vintage Animals form 1937

fake viral photos (5)We don’t really know what’s with 1937 and all the fake viral photos, but it seems that many are from that period. Take a look at these postcards from that period for example. The one with the grasshopper clearly says 1937 on the bottom.

Just to make you calm down a bit, let me tell you that Montana never had these type of large animals. Nevada and New Mexico (where the bulk of nuclear testing was made) is another matter. Just joking, please don’t spread the rumor!