Feast Your Eyes On The World’s First Male Sex Doll


Feast Your Eyes On The World’s First Male Sex Doll

Feast Your Eyes On The World's First Male Sex Doll
Feast Your Eyes On The World’s First Male Sex Doll

The world’s first male sex doll is here! This is a landmark for the ‘sex dolls’ industry, in their attempt to create the first product ever dedicated especially for women. Nothing screams ‘equal rights’ as well as a male sex doll designed to fulfill every woman’s dreams and needs. Yes, ladies, this is a cornerstone for the entire world.

VICE brought sexpert Karley Sciortino in the premiere of Slutever’s brand new season to narrate and present her thoughts on this first sex doll dedicated for women (and men!).

As the documentary’s Youtube description says:

In Slutever, VICE’s resident sexpert Karley Sciortino explores the mysterious labyrinth of human sexuality and checks out the various ways that people around the world like to get off. In the premiere episode of Slutever’s brand new season, Karley finds herself in the world of life-like custom male sex dolls and meets the team pioneering the perfect plastic fuck buddy for women.


When it comes to the sex industry, innovation is key if you want to have a successful product n the market. With competition getting tougher and tougher out there, with Artificial Intelligence sex dolls already on the market, when someone comes out with something groundbreaking, all eyes are set on it.  666



Since the sex dolls industry started in 1968, when these dolls were first allowed to be sold through the mail, the entire business has skyrocketed to a billion dollar ‘affair’ each year. People from all over the world attend sex festivals and sex conventions just to find out what’s new in the sex industry, and the first male sex doll is definitely something that will make headlines around the globe.


Does it look realistic enough for your taste? Would you ever consider buying one?