Why Some People Have Bad Taste




Our world, for better or worse, is governed by the law of action and reaction. Everything influences everything else and thus we end up living in an interconnected world. This is also the case with people. What we mean by this is that all of our actions are reactions of previous actions done by or towards us.

We could also say that each and every one of us are a product of all previous experiences we had throughout our lives. The society we live in also makes us who we are. There are a lot of variables that make us who we are and it’s hard to pinpoint a particular reason for any of our qualities or defects.

Nevertheless, we can talk a bit about taste. Where does it come from and what influences it. Like the law of action and reaction, taste is governed by compensation. We tend to be attracted to and moved by styles that reflect something in our lives that we lack within.

So people who feel unorganized, chaotic and undisciplined are usually more drawn to places which are serene, calm and poised. The same thing applies to people who feel oppressed by the brutal tempo of modern life with it’s precision and over-technological awe, are liable to be drawn to the rustic, the natural and the cozy.


So where does bad taste come from? As we said before that taste comes from compensating and a willingness of balance in our lives, bad taste comes as a form of over compensation to a previous trauma. This trauma however, does not necessarily had to be inflicted on that person but also on the society he lives in and sometimes even in generations past.

This effect can be seen very well in communities which are underdeveloped all across the world. Sometimes whole countries can be affected. When you see people on the street wearing flashy clothes, a huge golden chain around their necks a state of the art phone and an overpriced car; these are all good references for a past trauma. Huge and overly exaggerated houses show the same thing.

In the end we can conclude that bad taste comes from the unfair society we live in and not simply because that person just doesn’t understand the finer things in life.

Below we have a short video talking about bad taste. It’s made by the guys at The School of Life and we hope that you enjoy it!