What Does The Average Face Look Like In Every Country Around The World?



What does the average face look like in every country around the world? This is a question we rarely ask ourselves directly, but we come across it whenever we’re describing a person and we say stuff like “he looks like he’s European”, or “she didn’t seem to be Russian” and any other similar description.

Based on stereotypes, we have an idea about how the average face looks like in every country, but of course, that’s not always a sure thing. This new study conducted by FaceResearch, managed to answer the question

“what does the average face look like around the world?”

The first person who tried to show the world what does the average looks in every country was Sir Francis Galton, a psychologist from the 1800’s, by adding multiple portraits of people on on top of the other in order to create a unique-average face.

His technique stands at the basis of today’s modern digital way of developing the average face of people from all over the world.


average face around the world1

average face around the world

average face around the world2