Cosmic Murals to Help You Sleep Better at Night


Cosmic Murals to Help You Sleep Better at Night


A little boy by the name of Benjamin from Hood River, Oregon, was trouble falling asleep at night. Hearing about this, Crispin Young Wilson, a hardware repairwoman and friends with the boy’s father, decided to put her hobby to good use and paint Benjamin’s room in such a way that he’ll look forward to going to sleep every night.

“[My friend] has a little boy who refused to sleep in his own room,” she shared. “When my friend got his new place, he wanted me to come over and paint the room, hoping it would entice his son to sleep in it.”


By making use of glow-in-the-dark paint, stencils and the nearby Mount Hood as inspiration, Wilson was able to transform the boy’s room into amazing cosmic murals, and invisible when the lights are on.

“I’ve done this for myself in each place I have lived. The landlords either never knew, didn’t care, or new tenants liked it and didn’t complain,” she said.

After she tweeted her work, her amazing cosmic murals got retweeted some more than 40,000 times.


“After the profound shock of going viral wore off, I have been absolutely floored and humbled by the response,” Wilson admits, “and I have definitely happy cried a few times this week at how kind everyone has been. You all make me realise that this could be something I could do for a living full time, which is a dream come true.”

But nobody is happier about his night sky than Benjamin himself. What o you guys think about these cosmic murals? Please leave us your opinion in the comment section below.

Benjamin wasn’t sure what to expect here

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