Meet Andressa Soares, The Woman With The Biggest Butt In Brazil, aka The Watermelon Woman



Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to meet Ms Andressa Soares, the woman with the biggest butt in Brazil, aka “The Watermelon Woman”, and let yourselves be surprised of how her bottom looks like and the hard work behind it.

Andressa Soares is the woman with the biggest butt in Brazil (arguable) and she makes a living by using her rear end to delight spectators all over South America and beyond.

Brazil is a country where big butts are highly appreciated, and as Andressa Soares says, her behind always turns heads around while she’s walking down the street.


A small butt goes from 60-80 cm (size S), a medium size behind from 80-95 cm (size M), and we are now stepping in the big leagues where a large size butt goes from 95-110 cm (size L) while The Watermelon Woman’s butt, being an XXL size, goes from 110-121 cm, which she actually had at one point.


Andressa Soares, the woman with the biggest butt in Brazil, now measures a staggering 117 cm and she is working on a daily basis to maintain her butt strong, big and bouncy, by going to the gym and having her own cosmetician.


We all know about these 10 absolutely amazing sex records, and there’s definitely a place for Andressa Soares in these standings if she can continue to “upgrade” her behind and turn it into the biggest butt in the world.