What Happens In A 2016 Internet Minute? (INFOGRAPHIC)


What Happens In A 2016 Internet Minute? (INFOGRAPHIC)

What Happens In A 2016 Internet Minute? (INFOGRAPHIC)
What Happens In A 2016 Internet Minute? (INFOGRAPHIC)

The World Wide Web is a fascinating place, but what actually happens in a 2016 Internet minute? What type of data is being accessed or processed around the world? What websites do people watch? How many videos are being live streamed on Youtube right now? The answers to all your questions lie in this amazing, yet very simple, infographic about the 2016 Internet minute.

According to the data collected by Excelacom, during a 2016 Internet minute a lot of things happen worldwide. Not surprisingly, given the fact that the Internet is present in almost every day to day activity.

The Internet Minute in 2016

  • 701,389 Facebook logins
  • 69,444 Netflix watched
  • 150 Million emails sent
  • 1,389 Uber rides
  • 527,760 Snapchat photos shared
  • 51,000 App downloads on Apple Store
  • $203,596 worth of purchases on Amazon
  • 120+ New LinkedIn accounts are created
  • 347,222 Tweets are sent on Twitter
  • 38,194 New Instagram posts
  • 1,04 Million Vine loops
  • 38,052 Hours of Music played on Spotify
  • 2,5 Million Google search queries
  • 972,222 Tinder swipes
  • 2,78 Million Youtube video views
  • 20,8 Million+ WhatsApp messages

So… this is what happens during just one minute on the Internet in 2016. Can you imagine the future? What will happen then? With more and more Internet users each year, the future promises some exciting statistics and we can’t wait to see them.

In order to better understand the 2016 Internet minute, let’s take a look at what used to happen during 60 seconds in the past few years, starting from 2012.

What Happens In A 2016 Internet Minute? (INFOGRAPHIC)
What Happens In A 2016 Internet Minute? (INFOGRAPHIC)

With each year we can see a growth in the number of users for every major website on the Internet. More downloads, more video views, more new accounts and more shares. The Internet is a place of continuous growth and the data simply proves the reality we came accustomed to.



How will you be spending your next Internet minute? Let us know in the comments. We’re dying to see what you can do in just 60 seconds online.