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Classy Dog Dressed in Human Clothes Is the Most Stylish Menswear Model

Classy Dog Dressed in Human Clothes Is the Most Stylish Menswear Model


This is Bodhi, one of the most stylish “guys” out there who’s also a menswear model. He’s one classy dog has been in business since 2013, when his human “agent” and graphic David Fung, and fashion designer and photographer Yena Kim have turned their attention to the photogenic Shiba Inu dog for a project called Menswear Dog.

Dressed from head to toe in men’s clothing, Bodhi the classy dog wears each article of clothing and each outfit surprisingly well. Even though they look like photoshopped photos, they are not. Even though it may look like a furry fetish to some people, Bodhi has the luck to be in the care and attention of some of the most talented people out there. The clothes fit on him very well and the combination are stylish, making for one classy dog. He also has a charisma which the two humans noticed early on.

In an interview with Fast Company, Fung said, “When we first dressed him up for fun [in spring 2013], he started posing for us, and doing like Blue Steel and Magnum. We originally posted his photo to Facebook as a gag.”

But that joke quickly turned into a full-fledged career wit the two, husband and wife, have worked on building Bodhi’s modelling career. The classy dog has since worked on several ad campaigns, some of which include: Coach, American Apparel, ASOS, Brooks Brothers, Todd Snyder, Ted Baker, The Tie Bar, and many others more.

Menswear Dog has since released a book and in addition to various photos of Bodhi, it also contains numerous style guides for men with tips and looks. You can buy it via Amazon.

An amazing dog to say the least. He relly beats a lot of models in looking as good in some of those clothes. What do you guys think? Please leave us your opinion in the comment section below.

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New York, NY-05/14/15 Menswear Dog Destination Wedding
New York, NY-05/14/15 Menswear Dog Destination Wedding

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