100-Year-Old Photos Give a Rare Colorful Glimpse Italy’s Past



A glimpse at Italy’s past. This series of vintage prints beautifully captures a simpler and more idealistic side of Naples, Italy in the 1900’s. From picturesque sea ports to the city’s sweeping architectural feats, the scenes lend a distinctive antique feel that makes the collection stand out from modern postcards. Prints such as these were created as souvenirs, to be collected in photo albums and shared with future generations, giving a clear glimpse into the bustling street life and the agricultural growth of the port city.

Flashes into the past, the featured landscapes and cultural street scenes give a flavor of daily life that aimed to appeal to travelers. Made to resemble color photographs, they are actually a collection of ink based photolithographs created using the photocrom process. This process was particularly popular in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, just before color photography became an overshadowing trend. Collections such as these antique snapshots of Italy’s past, create a nostalgic yearning and provide a vivid sense of being transported more than a hundred years.

These wonderful prints have come, not that far after the series captured in a book and entitled “Germany around 1900“.


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