10 Unspoken Rules of Sex Everybody Should Know

10 Unspoken Rules of Sex Everybody Should Know
10 Unspoken Rules of Sex Everybody Should Know

These 10 unspoken rules of sex everybody should know are here for a reason. They’re meant to be taken into account, and not just when you feel like it, but all the time, no matter how hard or time-consuming it may be for some people.

If you want to have regular sex with your partner or even with other random people you find on Tinder or an a Saturday night, you should always abide by the 10 unspoken rules of sex if you want to continue to “get some” on a regular basis.

Sooner or later, the system will rub off on you and you will realize that these 10 unspoken rules of sex are in their essence, rules guided by common sense. If you’re not a total douche, you’ll have no problem in having all the playful and delightful sexual intercourse humanly imaginable.

10 Unspoken Rules of Sex Everybody Should Know

10 Unspoken Rules of Sex Everybody Should Know
10 Unspoken Rules of Sex Everybody Should Know
  1. Respect your partner

Sex is about two (or more) people enjoying each other in a playful game of arousal. It shouldn’t be more than that (not unless you both want to) and partners should respect one another. If your partner likes something, you should do it (of course, if it doesn’t cause you any pain, trauma and if it’s legal).

2. If you’re receiving oral sex, you should return the favor

This rule applies especially for men who tend to lose themselves in the moment and forget that women love receiving oral sex as well. Next time, keep in mind: It’s not all about you!

3. Always ask for permission if you want to go through the backdoor

If you want to have anal sex with your partner, that should be discussed before trying to poke him by surprise. Trying to pop-up unannounced is never a good idea and you should always remember that.

4. If a prostitute doesn’t use a condom, you should switch brothels

Don’t consider yourself the most charming man alive if you convinced a prostitute not to make you wear a condom. Rest assured that you’re not that special and you’re definitely not the first one she decided to break the rules for. If STD’s are what your’re looking for, then you’re in the right place.

5. Always wash your genitals

Keeping your genitals clean shouldn’t even be mentioned in modern day society, but the lack of hygiene found with some people today is utterly disgusting. You should always keep your genitals clean because you never know when you’re going to miss out on some absolutely amazing sex because the stench drove a possible sexual partner away. This applies for the rest of your body as well, but double scrub your genitals before and after sex.

6. Don’t use dirty talk unless you are both on the same page

Calling someone bitch, whore, slave or whatever gets you on will most likely get the other person off… of you. Dirty talk is more intimate than people give it credit and it should always be discussed by the people involved in a sexual act, before and not during sex.

7. Gentlemen and ladies never kiss and tell

Men and women should always be discrete about their sexual escapades. Both men and women will get a lot more action in the future if they don’t talk about the actions they did in the past. If men brag about their sexual conquests they’ll look like jackasses and women, well, women will look like whores (sorry ladies, it’s just how society works today).

8. Pee after having sex

Peeing after sex can decrease the risk of getting sexual related infections. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use protection. Protection is mandatory. All the time!

9. Talk about your erotic fantasies

It’s proven that partners talking about their fantasies improves sex life. You’ll manage to put in practice what you were always dreaming about, leading to longer, stronger and more intense orgasms.

10. Foreplay is key!

Yes, men, it is! Trust us, you’ll enjoy sex all the more if there’s foreplay involved, no matter how anxious you are of getting down and dirty as soon as possible. Foreplay helps build up the moment, it creates arousal and just like in the previous sex rule, it leads to a more intense climax.